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LeadDesk Meeting Calendars

LeadDesk Meeting Calendars is a LeadApp that gives agents advanced appointment booking capabilities.

If you are appointment booking, or if you need to create meetings for your internal or external sales people for face-to-face sales, LeadDesk’s Meeting Calendars are the tool for you. 

  • Create calendars for different products, product groups and campaigns
  • Manage meeting booking for multiple participants, including internal/external meeting hosts and customers
  • Easily browse availability and book across calendars
  • Automatically send email notifications and .ics calendar files
  • Merge LeadDesk calendar with your existing calendar software

Note: Your admin configures your calendars by creating a Calendar Project, which is then assigned to a Campaign. Each Calendar Project has associated meeting hosts/sales people, and you book meetings for them with specific contacts during/after your calls.

How to book appointments and meetings from the Contact Card view

The Meeting Calendars tab gives you instant access to appointment booking, notifications and a calendar overview for all your meeting hosts. 

  1. Campaign name – your admin configures calendar settings specific to each campaign.
  2. Campaign duration – this is a reminder of the time window within which you should book appointments
  3. Select meeting host/sales person – quick access to the calendar availability of a specific meeting host/sales person
  4. Date selector – choose a date to see that day's availability in the timeline. Tip: you can also change day with the arrows.
  5. Timeline – Click and drag to quickly create a meeting (opens the Add/Edit Meeting window)
  6. Meeting hosts/sales people list – browse the hosts assigned to this Calendar Project.
  7. Add Meeting – Opens the Add/Edit Meeting window.

NOTE: Meetings/appointments only appear in the host/sales person's calendar after they have been accepted by one of the participants.

Creating/editing meetings in the Add/Edit Meeting window

The Add/Edit Meeting window includes all the details about the meeting that will be emailed to all meeting participants. NOTE: The Save button triggers the email invitation. Check the details before you Save & Send!

The form fields are mostly self-explanatory:

  1. Meeting title – is also the the subject line of the meeting invitation email
  2. Meeting host / Organizer – when you select the meeting host you will get an on-screen indication if the host is available or not available
  3. Attendee / Customer/Contact emails – this shows the current contact's email address. Tip: if necessary you can manually add additional email addresses separated by a comma.
  4. Link – is a link to the Meeting Information Card, an archive of the meeting details
  5. Add custom information field – adds info that will only be sent to the meeting host/sales person
  6. Description – this automated content makes up the invitation email body copy. Tip: you can freely edit this text.
  7. Save – this saves your meeting details and sends an invitation email, including .ics file, to the meeting host/sales person and the customer contact.


  • Add yourself (your own agent email address) in the Attendee Emails field. This enables you to track meeting confirmations.
  • Add a custom field to give a private note to a sales person e.g. about a recommended sales pitch, product variation or customer insight.

Contact your LeadDesk representative to immediately enable Meeting Calendars.

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