LD Agents - Chat

If enabled, LeadDesk Chat gives agents and admins familiar social network-style chat, available within the LeadDesk interface.

This can be a great advantage as an agent can ask for help from another colleague or administrator, or simply to catch up on daily activities, regardless of their physical location.

  1. Show offline users – toggles between showing all users and just active users
  2. User status – active users have a green indicator, inactive users have a grey indicator
  3. User roles
    1. @ - Admin
    2. + - Teamleader
    3. # - Manager
  4. Chat stream – Click on a user to bring up the chat stream, and start chatting and sharing!

You can have multiple active chat streams: click the tab to open a new window.

LeadDesk Chat is available as an add-on for LeadDesk Software from our LeadApp Store: LeadDesk Chat

If you need information sharing capabilities consult with your administrator and contact your LeadDesk representative.

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