LeadDesk Release 53 – more options for call results and callbacks

More power to integrate with your CRM and other tools

LeadDesk r53 includes the ability to use the call result selector to direct to external web applications and sites. Agents can, for example, complete a call and rapidly access an external CRM system for additional data entry.

LeadDesk Software release 53, including new advanced call results options, will go live on November 28.

LeadDesk offers contact centers and enterprises many different options for CRM system integration. The new call results URL feature is one of the many ways LeadDesk customers can make their workflow more efficient. Our Professional Customer Services team has created a variety of customer-specific integration solutions. Contact your LeadDesk representative to find out more.


Other notable features/fixes in release 53:

  • Admin > Campaign: Global campaign settings have been moved from General Settings -> General Settings to Campaign -> Settings. 
  • Agent: automatic 'Busy' call ending reason when the called number is busy. (Works with SIPml and IAX & LeadDesk Machine.)
  • Admin & Agent: Time limitations for callbacks now available.
  • Admin & Agent: Campaign specific limits for callbacks added.
  • Agent: In the call dialog Objectives, Order and Delivery Address are hidden if no products are assigned.
  • Agent: Agents can no longer select a disabled or deleted campaign from the campaign selector.
  • Agent: A contact is no longer removed from the call list when an order is placed without a call.
  • Plus various minor fixes, including improved call list SQL query memory consumption, activity management delete icons are correctly displayed, and contact’s comment can now be modified via the LeadDesk Web API.


The LeadDesk Application for Windows has also been updated. Version 6.00 is available from download.leaddesk.com and includes:

  • New signed installer
  • LeadDesk Remote Support tool is now installed automatically
  • Call on hold support (only with IAX-protocol)
  • Fix for some file downloads causing access violations
  • Fix for access violation during application exit in certain situations
  • Fixes for various assisted call transfer in-call behaviors

Please note that some features and fixes may only be applicable to customers running specific customizations or LeadApps. Please contact your LeadDesk representative for more info on customizing your contact center software. 


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