LD Agents - Button application - Main view

This article includes essential info for agents about LeadDesk Button features and the interface.

Manual dialing directly from the main view

  • In the LeadDesk Button main view you select a Campaign to which your call history will be assigned.
  • Tip: You can also manually enter phone numbers in the white input field. Click Call to dial.



The main view gives you access to more functions via the icons:

Phone Book 

  • Phone Book enables agents to call direct to contacts that are saved in the Phone Book
  • Tip: Admins can add contacts to the Phone Book in Admin Panel > General Settings > Phone Book

Free agents 

  • Free Agents shows your colleagues’ current availability
  • Tip: This enables agents to see who else is available to take inbound calls


  • Settings toggles open settings for Agent Status, Inbound/Predictive call availability and Inbound auto-answer
  • The Status dropdown menu enables agents to change their status to e.g. Preparing offers, Lunch, Training etc. Tip: Agent Status fields can be edited by admins in Admin > Agents > Manage agent activities
  • The “Receive calls from queue/robot checkbox” is only visible if Inbound/Predictive Dialer LeadApps are enabled. This makes the agent available for incoming calls from inbound queues, the LeadDesk Predictive Dialer or call diverts.
  • The "Auto-answer incoming calls" checkbox is only visible if Predictive Dialer is enabled. This enables the agent to automatically answer inbound calls with a short beep sound warning
  • Inbound and Predictive Dialer are available as LeadApps to immediately deploy to take your contact center to the next level. Contact your LeadDesk representative for more information.

  Settings, inbound enabled 

  • The Settings icon displays a yellow status indicator if inbound calls are enabled.


  • The Keypad enables you to deal with IVR systems when making calls with LeadDesk Button e.g. if you are required to “Press 3 to speak to an operator” etc.

Recent calls 

  • Recent Calls shows you a quick view of your recent call history with call time, duration and all result. Tip: Your administrator has access to advanced monitoring and reporting of your call history.

Recent calls, unanswered inbound calls

  • The Recent calls icon displays a red warning indicator if there are unanswered inbound calls








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