LD Agents - Application, Button & Browser explained

There are three different ways using LeadDesk: two of them are based on the application (application and the button application) and browser-based calling.

Please note: your manager/administrator decides on which version of LeadDesk you'll be calling with. You cannot use all different versions at the same time; however, this can be changed instantly if necessary. Your manager/administrator can contact Support to make any change needed.

The agent interface is kept as clean as possible to give you, as an agent, a quick overview of your daily work. Your manager/administrator on his/her side can apply changes instantly to make calling or finding data as you need it.

LeadDesk  Application for Windows

(Download it here)

The application is a program that you can install on your computer if you have a Windows computer.
The application has the most functionality as compared to the others, which is all focused on the users' perspective:

  • Additional sound settings
  • Additional internet bandwidth adjustments.

Where to find the program when installed:

  • Win10.x: Windows button > All apps > LeadDesk
  • Win8.x: Windows button > LeadDesk
  • Win7.x/XP: Start button > All Programs > LeadDesk

LeadDesk – Button application for Windows

(Download it here)
The button application is a lighter version of the regular application.
It is installed via the same download as the regular application with the difference that LeadDesk support changes the log in settings from their end.

The interface is considerably smaller than the regular application and has only limited information visible. 

LeadDesk – Browser-based 

(Download the latest version of Chrome)
You can also use an internet browser to log into LeadDesk.
From LeadDesk we recommend, and provide support for, Google Chrome.

By using the browser, you have no need for downloading and installing our software, possibly making it easier for you if you need to work from different locations. The browser version has it's limitations as compared to our application versions, where you have less influence on sound settings and internet bandwidth settings.  

From your Chrome browser, go to login.LeadDesk.com and log in with the credentials provided to you by your manager/administrator.

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