LeadDesk Release 44 – more powerful call list handling

LeadDesk Release 44 focuses on improved call list handling

The latest update to LeadDesk Software will go live on July 25th, 2014. LeadDesk Software Release 44 includes improved call list workflow for admins and agents, plus in-demand enhancements to the Predictive dashboard. Also being introduced are customized customer-specific interface language variants – you can now order a more unique interface for a perfect fit with your company culture.


Highlights in Release 44:

  • Improved call list handling logic
  • Admin > Campaign: new Call List Order button
  • Admin > Campaign: ability to prioritize all call lists associated with a campaign by various criteria
  • Agent > Campaign View: ability to select a call list from all lists associated with a campaign via a dropdown menu (if admin-enabled)
  • Support for customer-specific interface terminology – LeadDesk customers can have their own unique interface language
  • Agent > Contact Card: the close button has been removed to ensure agents enter a save dialogue and do not accidentally lose newly entered data
  • Admin > Dashboard > Predictive Dialer (Call Robots): enhanced predictive monitoring, including time, agent status, agent call count, and agents waiting


LeadDesk is #1 for contacts management

The updates to call list logic in Release 44 give admins greater automated flexibility in how multiple call lists are handled. There are four Call List Order modes available in the Campaign admin panel:

  • Newest first: contacts in all applicable call lists are automatically ordered by remaining call attempts
  • List by list: admin-defined call list order
  • Random: random call sequence from a mix of applicable call lists
  • By call time: oldest call first           

For more info about Contacts sales contact your friendly LeadDesk representative.

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