LeadDesk Release 43 – enhanced Predictive and faster dev cycles

The latest update to LeadDesk Software will go live on 11th July 2014. LeadDesk Software Release 43 includes more power for our industry-leading Predictive Dialer and many admin and agent workflow improvements.

New features in r43 for all LeadDesk Software users:

  • Call lists: various performance and usability enhancements, plus data management, splitting, export, gender and localization fixes
  • Reports: new filter-by-office options for reporting statistics and deals
  • Widgets: new “top 6-10 agents by orders” widget
  • Activities: When agents are away the appropriate campaigns are assigned to agent activities
  • Agent > Contact Card: ability to open the newest Contact Card when receiving a call
  • Agent > MiniReport: ability to add a MiniReport to the Away tab
  • Agent > Calling: New reporting view added to the Manual Dial tab
  • Plus a host of minor fixes and tweaks

New features in r43 for LeadDesk Predictive Dialer users (if enabled):

  • Predictive Dialer: New Turbo and Nitro modes added to the Predictive Dialer (requires LeadDesk Predictive Dialer v2)
  • Predictive Dialer: Waiting period support added for Predictive v1 users
  • Predictive Dialer: Admin messages are now shown to agents in Predictive Dialer mode
  • Predictive Dialer: Agent-specific information is now available in the admin panel

More updates to add-on features in LeadDesk r43 (if enabled):

  • Meeting Calendars: Agents can now view meetings in the calendar timeline which do not have their status set
  • Web API: Support for managing contacts’ “other info” fields
  • Inbound: Admins can now select a join announcement per inbound queue
  • Reporting: A user type (e.g. admin, team lead etc.) can now be added to call recording reports
  • Agent > Callbacks: Agents can now create callbacks without a date or time
  • Agent > Call dialog: new tab for easy contact comment editing


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