LeadDesk Release 41 – more on web API, reports, localization etc.

The latest update to LeadDesk Software will go live on 13th June 2014. LeadDesk Software Release 41 includes various enhancements to the LeadDesk web API, reports and more. As LeadDesk continues to be deployed in new market areas localization support continues to be a focus area. In r41 calendar language localization has been added for users of the popular LeadDesk Meeting Calendars feature.

Highlights for all users in r41:

  • LeadDesk Web API: Support for defining product field values and fetching order data fields plus new Report Authentication Key command.
  • Overview > Deals: you can now filter by Order State.

Additions to popular add-on features (if enabled):

  • Calendar: Support for calendar language localization plus Callbacks feature for cancelled/postponed meetings.
  • Predictive Dialer: the maximum available dropout rate target has been increased to 10%.
  • LeadDesk ContactBank B2C Contacts: various performance enhancements to speed up updating.

New customization options (require enabling, contact us for more info):

  • Advanced Call List Management: this add-on package has been updated to include advanced list splitting by gender and country, ability to guess gender by first name (regional limitations may apply), and search first name from the last name field.
  • Advanced Filters – we’ve updated the Advanced Filters pack to include the ability to filter via date in Overview > Agents.
  • Agent Rights – new option to mass handle campaign rights.
  • Custom Reports – various new customization options for office productivity, sales statistics, agent skills, skill search, region, gender estimation etc.
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