LeadDesk Release 40 – improved agent and agent group workflow

The latest update to LeadDesk Software will go live on Friday, May 23, 2014. All users will get access to new LeadDesk internal messaging features and new Agent Group functionality – Agent Groups are no longer mandatory in order to assign an Agent to a Campaign.

These changes were piloted in Release 39, which was limited to select LeadDesk customers. Highlights:

New agent group workflow

  • Agent Groups are no longer mandatory to assign Agents to Campaigns.
  • Agent Groups are now optional (e.g. for reporting purposes and easily moving many Agents between Campaigns).
  • Tip: An Agent can still only be assigned to one Agent Group
  • The Agent Groups admin page has moved from Overview > Agent Groups to Overview > Agents > Agent Groups. The top level Agent Group tab has thus been removed.
  • Tip: In Overview > Agents you can clearly see each agent’s current Campaign assignment in the “Connected to Campaign” column.

New LeadDesk messaging types

  • "Agent Group Messages” can no longer be sent to campaigns, so a new “Campaign Message” has been introduced to keep the old functionality.
  • “Office Messages” have also been introduced. This sends a message to the selected office.
  • Tip: Admins can now send agents internal LeadDesk messages in four ways: private “Agent Messages,” “Agent Group Messages,” “Office Messages” and “Campaign Messages”.
  • Messages are sent via the mail icon under the relevant Overview tab.
  • Tip: For example, to send a Campaign Message, go to Overview > Campaign and select the mail icon in the far right column.
  • Internal LeadDesk message functionality is designed for brief admin announcements. We recommend you keep to approx. 140-characters.
  • Tip: All messages within LeadDesk appear on the agent’s front page “Call” tab. (LeadDesk Button agents can view unread messages by clicking the green messaging icon.)

Related LeadDesk changes

  • In the Campaign editor if an Agent is assigned to a new Campaign they will be automatically removed from their existing campaign assignment.
  • Tip: In the Campaigns > Campaign List you can choose individual “Agents,” “Agents in other Campaigns” or “Agent Groups” and re-assign them to the current campaign.
  • Inactive agents will no longer show in the Campaign editor or Agent Group editor.
  • Tip: When an Agent is made inactive they will be dropped from their current Campaign and Agent Group.
  • In cases where a campaign is automatically created (e.g. splitting calling lists), an Agent Group will not automatically be created

LeadDesk Software Release 40 also includes usability enhancements to meeting calendars, reporting and further API development.


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