LeadDesk Release 37 – added Pipedrive and enhanced reporting

The latest update to LeadDesk Software will go live on 11th April 2014. As LeadDesk Software is cloud-based, all users will benefit immediately. Release 37 adds a host of efficiency gains for agents and admins, including calendar and reporting features.

Highlights in Release 37:

  • Admin/Agent > Added the ability to select the opening tab when a call is connected.
  • Admin > Added the possibility to modify calling list groups.
  • Admin > Added support for properly localized report names.
  • Agent > SipML updated to the latest version.
  • Calendar > Included default meeting title and location with tag support for calendar projects.
  • Admin > Renewed reports, reporting widgets and call list page.
  • Agent/Admin > Added new calendar views, with feature variation and production information in calendar events.


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