A LeadDesk customer has a security breach - what is the LeadDesk response?

Q. A call center or other LeadDesk customer that uses LeadDesk Contacts has had a security breach and e.g. list data has been publicized, what is the LeadDesk response?

A. LeadDesk takes security very seriously and is committed to meeting the highest standards of data security. LeadDesk believes in open and honest communication.

LeadDesk implements the appropriate technical and organizational measures in order to protect, secure and safeguard the personal data which is processed by LeadDesk on behalf of its customers, whether LeadDesk Contacts data or customer data. LeadDesk security measures reach at least a level of security equivalent to that prescribed by applicable law.

According to applicable law, LeadDesk will immediately inform their customer(s) of any known threats to data security.

The LeadDesk customers (e.g. call centers) that use the LeadDesk Contacts service are responsible for their use of the data and compliance with all applicable data protection laws and any other laws.

In the case of a LeadDesk customer, and/or an employee/subcontractor that has a security breach related to the use of LeadDesk Contacts data, it is the responsibility of that LeadDesk customer to be compliant with all applicable laws regarding security and e.g. timely public disclosure.

You can read more about LeadDesk Contacts in our Terms and Conditions.

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