LeadDesk Release 52 – more efficient call resolution

Are your agents instantly taking the next call?

Based on customer feedback, we have added new functionality to call results for superior agent workflow. For example, agents can now end a call and have the contact automatically added to the DNC list. There are also new easy-to-use call results configuration options in the campaign editor and global call results settings.

LeadDesk Software release 52, including new advanced call results configuration, will go live on November 14.


New server capacity

We have been working on doubling the LeadDesk server capacity to create additional redundancy. We have also added new load balancing capabilities to our local German data center. LeadDesk is committed to building world-class infrastructure in line with our growing international customer base.


Customer-driven development

Much of our current development work is on customizations for large contact center customers. The deployment scenarios specific to the business and regulatory landscape in Germany and Norway in particular are leading us to develop solutions that will be great future value to the entire network.

We have an exciting multi-channel pilot program underway. You can also read more about the new Voice Receipt QA tool under your General settings > LeadApps tab.


Release 52 highlights:

  • Agent > Call dialog: the selected call ending reason is now shown in the "close" button.
  • Admin > Access rights: it is now possible to disable an admin’s campaign editing rights and hide an agent’s delivery address pane
  • Admin > Access rights: changes to modify order user permission changes
  • General: external loadable iframes are now supported in specific UI locations
  • Plus various fixes, including a SQL error during deal finalization, and enabling UTF-8 support for report exporting


LeadDesk Support feedback

If you have requests or feedback please contact us.

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