LD Agents - Orders tab

Do you need to place and look for orders you have made?


This window shows the orders made by the logged in agent. It is also possible to create new orders without calling, listen to call recordings and edit/delete orders.

  1. Filter your recent Orders – Use the columns to filter your Orders e.g. by  date, company, campaign, status etc. You can also sort it by using the Time Interval or by the dropdown menu Campaigns.
  2. Listen to a call Recording – Click the Link text in the Recording column to active the built-in LeadDesk Audio Player. Press the Play icon to listen to your call Recording.
  3. Edit – Click the Edit icon to edit an order.
  4. Delete – By clicking the “red cross” Delete icon you can delete an order from the system permanently. Use this only when you are absolutely sure you have accidentally made a false order.
  5. Create an Order Without Calling – This button opens a blank Contact Card and enables you to make a new Order without calling. Tip: use this when you want to create a new Order for a new Contact that is not already in your Call list. If you want to add an Order to an existing Contact, then go to your History and click on the Contact name to edit the Contact Card and add an Order there.
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