How to add FAQ / guide / issue resolution articles for LeadDesk Support staff

 First steps:

Article creation:

  • Select "Add Content > Article" from the floating menu
  • Choose the article's location with the "Show in section" dropdown. Warning: not intuitive!
  • Category = "FAQ - LeadDesk Software"
  • Section = e.g. "2. Basic troubleshooting" or e.g. "5. Admin panel FAQ" for how to guides
  • Tick the "Disable comments" box

Content creation:

  • Write a good, full title: "Quick guide to Products and Product Groups for LeadDesk admins" NOT "Products and Product groups"
  • Write the body copy or copy/paste from your ticket
  • Click "Add" publish

Finishing off:

  • Notify the relevant person if you want a copy check
  • Check the location of your article: select "Arrange Content" and expand the FAQ section. Drag articles to change the article order.


  • The FAQ sections should be "living" content - but try and keep it under control.
  • Check for duplicates! Add to an existing article where appropriate.
  • A good title is essential for search and browsing - include the LeadDesk product, target group and type of article if you can. Extreme example: "How to create B2B views for LeadDesk admins with B2B View enabled".
  • We'll come back to instructions for localization and language versions...
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