About LeadDesk and how the service is structured

LeadDesk for telemarketers and sales organizations is split into three main products:

  • LeadDesk Software™
  • LeadDesk Contacts™
  • LeadDesk Channel™

LeadDesk Software can be used in browser or as a Windows-only application:

LeadDesk Software (browser-based and application) can be used by agents in two forms:

  • LeadDesk Machine – full dashboard
  • LeadDesk Button – micro dashboard, ideal for web browser call popping and CRM system integration
  • Admins use a full unified LeadDesk dashboard that gives access to all their enabled features

LeadDesk is cloud-based Software-as-a-Service. The core LeadDesk Software can be customized with a range of additional features e.g. Predictive Dialer, advanced VoIP functionality, advanced campaign management, custom reports and much more.

LeadDesk also offers custom integrations via the LeadDesk API with e.g. ERP and CRM systems. LeadDesk Contacts (low cost, clean list data) are also offered in selected markets, seamlessly integrated into the dashboard. LeadDesk Channel enables advanced multi-site monitoring and reporting.

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