LD Agents - Messages from admins

About LeadDesk message types

  • LeadDesk messages are designed to be short one-way admin-to-agent messages. There are different types of internal LeadDesk messages: Private (Agent), Agent Group, Campaign and Office messages.
  • Tip: admins can send different types of messages from the relevant admin interface e.g. agent messages are sent from Admin > Agent > Manage Agents via the messaging icon in the right column

Messages in the LeadDesk Machine agent's view

  • Internal LeadDesk messages are clearly shown at the top of the agent's view - under all tabs/views.
  • Private Agent Messages can be deleted by the agent once read (there is a pop-up alert for Private Agent Messages that prompts the agent to read and delete)
  • Other message types (Campaign, Agent Group and Office Messages) are displayed at the top of the agent's view until removed by the administrator.
  • Tip: Other messages, such as Campaign Messages, enable admins to give agents important reminders or headline information. If you think a message that is displayed on your screen is no longer relevant, remind your admin to remove it.
  • Tip: You can also see different error messages here in case something happens. One of the more common ones is that the predictive dialer has tried to send three calls to you and you haven't answered them. The error message will then implore you to logout and then in again in order to become and active choice that the predictive dialer sends calls to.
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