LD Agents - Away tab

You need to log your working time and breaks? Use the Away tab in order not to receive calls while taking a break and logging the amount of times used for e.g. lunch breaks, meetings, ticket handling etc. 


In the Away window you can choose a status for yourself if you have to stop active calling or you have to be away from your post. 

You can also quickly see a summary of your daily working hours in the chart. You can filter this using the Time Interval option and see you activity over a longer period of time.

The available selections in the dropdown menu are determined by your admin. “Passive” is automatically selected when you are not calling or waiting for a call and “Active calling” status is automatically selected when you're in a call again.

Tip: When you stop calling, open the Away window and choose your reason for absence from the dropdown e.g. lunch, preparing sales materials etc.

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