LD Agents - Button application - Free Agents view

Free Agents view in LeadDesk Button

  • The Free Agents view lists, sorts and color codes agents by status and availability e.g. Active & Available.
  • Tip: Agents select their current status from the dropdown in LeadDesk Button’s main view.
  • Tip: The available selections for an agent's status are assigned by admins in the Agent Activities management panel. Typical status selections are: Active, Passive, Training, Break etc.

 Agent availability and receiving calls

  • Available agents can receive diverted calls, inbound calls (if enabled) or calls from the Predictive Dialer (if enabled).
  • An Unavailable agent does not receive inbound calls unless they are called directly.

Free Agent color codes

  • Green: active and available
  • Yellow: passive/other and available
  • Red: active and unavailable
  • Grey: passive and unavailable
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