LeadDesk Release 50 – new Manager user level and custom views

LeadDesk Software release 50, including Managers and Custom Views, will go live on October 17.

How does your Manager see your call center?  

LeadDesk has introduced the new Manager user level and Custom View Permissions. It is easy to create a new Manager:

When you create or edit a user in the LeadDesk agent editor you can now select the new Manager user level. A Manager can have the same rights and views as an Admin but, using the Custom View tool, you can restrict the Manager's views and functions.

Custom View Permissions are located below the agent editor and can be configured so that a Manager can see any or all of the admin tabs. In this example the Manager is restricted to just the reporting tabs, dashboard and contact lists tabs:

Tip: Custom Views can also be configured for Agents. You can now customize how specific agents see their LeadDesk Machine interface by adding/removing tabs.


Other highlights in release 50

  • Web API: new support for changing an agent's campaign, changing a contact's call list, and importing call lists
  • Admin > Predictive Dialer (Robots): predictive dialers can be sorted by campaign
  • Admin > Chat Settings (if enabled): chat settings are available for the new Manager user level for e.g. restricting Manager-to-Agent chat
  • Admin > Search: you can now filter by Contact ID number
  • Various fixes to the LeadDesk application for Windows for multi-monitor behavior, audio recording gain and quality, and start-up speed

Want to enable chat within LeadDesk? Request activation via the LeadApps store here.


Remote Listener updated to 1.08 with campaign filter

  • The latest version of Remote Listener supports filtering by agent, sponsor and campaign. For large contact centers with large numbers of agents it is now much faster to find the right agent, listen and whisper
  • Advanced filtering and live whisper are included in Remote Listener 1.08 and require the LeadDesk Application for Windows version 5.80

Request Remote Listener activation now via the LeadApps store.

For existing Remote Listener users, update now via our downloads page.


LeadDesk Support feedback

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