LeadDesk Release 47 – more custom features and free favorite reports

LeadDesk r47 welcomes more LeadApps, including Favorite Reports

The latest update to LeadDesk Software will go live on September 5th, 2014.

47 is the magic number! There are some cunning new LeadApps coming to the marketplace: 2-way SMS for regulation compliant order confirmation, our dynamic script tool... and more... and our favorite: Favorite Reports!

Activate Favorite Reports from Friday via your LeadApps tab – free of charge


Highlights in the R47 software update:

  • Admin > Campaign: you can now customize the names of the “tabbed URL windows” that appear in the agent view – nice touch!
  • Admin > Inbound: if you are using inbound you can now upload your own announcement recordings (requires Inbound to be activated)
  • Web API: new capabilities added to the LeadDesk Web API, including call list import, agent private message and create agent


Notable fixes:

  • Chat: fixed a JavaScript error when the chat windows pops up with a deleted agent (requires Chat to be activated)
  • Agent: fixed the "reserve contact for agent" dialog so that agent selection from the dialog functions as expected.
  • Agent > Callbacks: contact phone number count is now properly reported when making a call
  • Admin > Bulk SMS: phone numbers without leading zeros are now handled correctly with country codes (requires Bulk SMS to be enabled)


New in the LeadApps marketplace

Get to know what is possible. Perfect your workflow. New LeadApps coming this week:

Favorite Reports for yes, you guessed it, favorite reports, the Info Screen big screen leaderboard, Script Tool for dynamic call scripts, Bulk SMS for mass messaging, all new 2-way SMS for compliant order confirmation, shiny new Compliant Call Recorder for "call recording starts paused" functionality, Replica Server for low latency data sync... with more coming...


Free and fabulous Favorite Reports

The Favorite Reports LeadApp adds a new tab under Admin > Reports and enables you to save your favorite reports for one click access later. And it’s free to all LeadDesk customers. Christmas has come early. Rejoice!

Activate from Friday under your LeadApps tab – free of charge


LeadDesk news

 Welcome to our new customers and administrators from far and wide. We have been adding to our team to meet your local needs. Recruitment highlights this week come in the form of Jaroslaw Bociek and Carl Skantz. They have joined the LeadDesk Warsaw and Stockholm support teams respectively.


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