LeadDesk Release 46 – inactive agent forced log out and live whisper

 The latest update to LeadDesk Software will go live on August 22nd, 2014. LeadDesk r46 is a housekeeping release focusing on some popularly requested fixes and tweaks, including forced log out for agents that are not active but have stayed logged in.

Alongside the latest release for LeadDesk’s software core we are pleased to announce that LeadDesk Remote Listener now includes Live Whisper capability!


Highlights in release 46:

  • Admin > Inbound Queues: new ability to schedule periodic announcements for queuing callers
  • Agent: inactive agents are subject to forced logout after two hours (this is the new default and can be disabled – custom timing can also be configured with LeadDesk Support)
  • Team Leader > Callbacks: team leaders now only see their own agents while moving callbacks to an agent


Additional fixes in release 46:

  • Admin > Campaigns: Callbacks associated with a specific campaign are now always deleted when deleting that campaign.
  • Agent > Callbacks: Creating a new B2B contact during a callback call changes the call details
  • Agent > Orders: Fixed a JavaScript error when deleting an order.
  • Admin > General Settings > Activity Management: admins are now able to delete and/or customize all activities
  • Admin: working time calculations are now displayed consistently across all admin views
  • Agent > Call: Corrected timing of ringing tone under certain conditions


Additional release highlights:

  • Admin > Remote Listener: new Live Whisper capability (Remote Listener with Live Whisper 1.07 is available as an add-on LeadApp from 26th August. Requires agents to be using the latest v5.70 LeadDesk application for Windows)
  • Agent > Audio Controls: new gain controls and audio level metering (LeadDesk agents using the latest LeadDesk application for Windows v5.70 can access these additional audio controls via the audio settings icon at the top of the interface)


Instant access to the latest LeadDesk info


Live Whisper is the tool for closers

LeadDesk Remote Listener now with added Live Whisper! Live Whisper is a valuable tool for training new agents, evaluating your current scripts and getting advanced knowledge about your agents and customers.

Live Whisper requires the latest Remote Listener v1.07 LeadApp (available from Tuesday, 26th August) and also requires agents to be using the latest LeadDesk application for Windows, v5.70. Remote Listener is very quick and easy to download and launch!

Read more about Remote Listener under the LeadApps tab in your admin view






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