LeadDesk Release 45 – LeadApps and more power for agents

The latest update to LeadDesk Software will go live on August 8th, 2014. LeadDesk r45 introduces LeadApps for faster implementation of extra functions and features, as well as workflow improvements to call lists, meeting calendars and inbound blending.

LeadDesk continues to meet customers’ individual needs

Highlights for admins in r45 (may be enabled feature-dependent):

  • Admin > General Settings: new LeadApps tab added for faster access to add-on features
  • Inbound: improved UI for queue opening schedules
  • Meeting Calendars: new localization options, custom meeting status names and custom colors
  • Meeting Calendars: new options for hiding a call recording link and not sending emails to meeting attendees
  • Contacts > Call Lists: improvements to list handling and new ability to modify list by list reorder
  • General: support for all European currencies
  • VoIP: waiting period support added to Predictive Dialer v2
  • Reports: minor fixes and localization tweaks
  • Campaign: in the campaign editor’s optional settings there is a new “agent can select call list freely” checkbox that enables the call list dropdown (see below)

More agent workflow improvements in r45:

  • Agent > Call: the new call list dropdown enables agents to choose from the available lists as assigned by their admin in the campaign editor
  • Agent > Call: in semi-automatic calling mode there is a new “More” button that displays all a contact’s “Other Info” fields
  • Agent > Inbound: Predictive dialed calls and inbound calls are now separated under the Incoming Calls tab







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