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The LeadDesk (VoIP) Remote listener is an easy tool that allows Admins, managers and teamleaders to listen in live to any conversation that their agents are having. This remote listener uses VoIP, because of that, you can listen to your agents from a remote location using the internet.

Please note: this feature requires the agent to use LeadDesk VoIP.

From the Admin > Overview (1) > Remote Listener (2) you will see an overview of all online agents.
3) Here you can apply filters based on campaigns and offices, allowing you to sort through your available agents and keeping more overview.

4) Here you can find all online agents. The headers are clickable which allows you to sort the agents.

5) By clicking the "listen" button, you'll get a pop-up. We'll discuss this further underneath this overview.
Please note that as an Admin you need to be logged in via a HTTPS (https://login.leaddesk.com) and allow your browser to open pop-ups (pop-up blockers might prevent this). 


The pop-up will give you the live call for one agent at a time.
Next to some basic information on this call, you will have 3 options on how to deal with the phone call:

- Listen: This will allow you to listen in to the conversation, the agent and the customer cannot hear you.
- Whisper: This will allow you to talk to the agent, though the customer cannot hear you. Especially handy if you want to train an agent or give tips in a difficult situation.
- Barge: This allows you to join the conversation fully. Both the agent and the customer will hear you.




Q: I get an error message when opening the remote listener.
- Make sure that the URL for leaddesk written with HTTPS:// 
- Disable pop-up blockers from your browser.
- Make sure your anti-virus software doesn't block the website's features.
- In your browser, click the "Secure" button next to the URL (see screenshot below). Make sure that none of the features are disallowed on this page.


Q: I don't hear any sound when the pop-up appears.
- In your browser, click the "Secure" button next to the URL (see screenshot above). 
Click the dropdown for the Microphone and choose "allow" or "always allow".
- From your "Microphone" menu try switching the "default to the headset that you're using (1).
From the same menu make sure that LeadDesk is added as an allowed page (2).



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