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From the Overview (1) > Contact lists (2) you will find an overview of all contact lists that were used today (read: agents have used contact cards by calling or receiving calls on contact cards within these lists).

  1. Name - The name of contact list. This corresponds directly with the Admin > Contact lists.
  2. Legend - Legend filled in by the admin when uploading the list (optional).
  3. Expiry date - Date on which the contact list becomes inavailable to agents, as set by the admin during upload (optional).
  4. Calling rounds made - Highest amount of calling attempts (rounds) made on a single number within this list.
  5. Total contacts - The total amount of contact cards (not numbers) in this list.
    Total comments is the sum of "unused", "in circulation" and "finished" found below.
  6. Contacts left - Contacts that can still be called
  7. Unused - The amount of contact cards that are inside this list that have never been reached.
  8. In circulation - This refers to the amount of contact cards which have been called before, but which have not yet been finalized. This means that the contact cards can still be called by and/or will still be offered to the agent.
  9. Finished - This is the amount of contacts that either reached the full amount of calling rounds and the ones that have been removed with a call ending reason.
  10. Answered calls today - Amount of calls that have been answered (connected) today. NOTE! Voicemails are also counted as connected calls.
  11. Finalized calls today - The amount of calls that either reached the maximum amount of calling attempts today or the calls that were marked by an agent to be removed from the list (example: deal or not interested).
  12. Deals today - The amount of Deals today. This is only valid for calls which have been marked with call ending reason "Deal".
  13. Deals / finalized today - This is percentage of the two statistics.

The values on this page reset every day at midnight. You can use the Search (16) to search for a specific contact list, or use the Office filter (17) to organize your data.


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