LD Admin - Setting up your first inbound queue

When creating your first inbound queue, you'll run into a lot of options.
Below is a small guide on how to set-up a basic inbound route, without going into full details.
Please know that you can find full details here.

From the Admin > Inbound (1) > Queues (2): Click on the "Create call queue" (3) button.


Creating an inbound queue requires a phonenumber that has "inbound capability".
When click the "Create call queue" button and you run into the error below, it means that you have no more available numbers. Please visit the LeadApp store to purchase a number first.


We'll start with the general settings.
This defines what the customers gets to hear when waiting in the queue and what happens with the call when reaching certain timers.

Minimum requirements to activate the queue:

  1. Check mark the "Queue is active" to activate the queue. If not checked, calling the number is not possible.
  2. Queue's number: here you can select the number that you want to convert into an inbound queue.
  3. Name: This how your agents will see calls coming in, in combination with the phone number of the customer.
  4. Campaign: Your incoming calls need to be registered under a campaign. Please select one from the menu.
  5. Queue's timeout (min): You need to define a maximum amount of time that a customer is allowed to wait inside the queue. 



Queue's skill

Skills are not a requirement for a queue. If you select no skills, all of your agents can answer an incoming phone call. Click on the "Edit skills and agents" button to set a skill.


Queue's opening hours

You will only receive incoming calls when the queue is open.
Opening hours can be placed inside this menu. Simply drag an area to define when the queue is open.


The SLA and callbacks are not required for your inbound queue.
To round up the process, click on the "Create" button.


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