LD Admin - Setting up a voicemail for Inbound route

When working with an inbound route, you can set up a voicemail inbox for your agent.

- When the agent is unable to take a call but is logged into LeadDesk, a busy tone will play.
- When the agent is not logged in, the customer can be redirected to a voicemail. 
The voicemail will be delivered to a set e-mail address as a WAV file.

From the Admin:

Agents (1) > Agent list (2) > Open up the agent card: fill out your agents Email (3).
This will be the address where the recording of the voicemail is send to.


From the Agent:

Go to the Settings tab (1).
Here you can define the "not reachable" destination (2). From the drop-down you can select the e-mail address from the agent which is set from the Admin > Agents > agent's information card.
You can record your own voicemail greeting message (3) from this tab as well. 


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