LD Admin - Queues: skills and agents editor

From the Admin > Inbound > Channels > Channel settings, you can change which agents should have the right to answer an inbound queue call, based on skill points. 

First you'll arrive in the menu below, where you can see the current settings for this specific queue.

From the first row you can select which skills are required. Simply click the bar and select a skill from the dropdown menu. If you're looking to add new skills, please first consult this section first.
As an example, this queue uses the skill "Dutch" (1). 

Underneath the bar on the left you'll find a column with all agents who are serving this queue (3) regardless of being online or offline, including the number of skill points that they have.

In the right column, you can find agents who are still available to join this queue (4).

To add agents to this queue, drag and drop them from the right column to the left.
Added agents will be highlighted with a green bar in the "Serving agents" column.

To remove agents, drag and drop them from left to right.
Removed agents will be highlighted with a red bar in the "Available agents" column.

If you have a large amount of agents, you can use the search bar (2) to navigate quickly through your agents.

Use the Next button (5) to navigate to the next step.


If you have removed an agent from the queue, you will then go to the Remove skills tab.
If you haven't removed any agents, this tab will be skipped, as there is nothing to review.
For the detached agents, it will show which skills can be removed. This way you can select one or multiple skills in one go. If you for instance use a single skill in multiple queues, you might not want to remove all skills from the selected agents. Uncheck the box if you don't want a skill to be removed.
Click on Next to continue.


If you have added agents to the queue, you will get to this tab. If you have not, you will skip this tab as there is nothing to review.

During an incoming call, the system will check which agent has how many skill points.
If agent A has more skill points than agent B, the call will be offered to agent A first. If agent A is not available or chooses not to pick up the call, it will be transferred to the next agent.

You can either apply skill points tab to each individual agent (1) or apply points for all the skills (2) in one go. 

Press Next to continue to the last screen.


In the Summary tab you will see an overview of all changes that you've made.
This is sorted both by Queue (1) and per agent (2) so you can review the changes properly in one go.

Note that no changes can be made here. To do so, you'll have to use the Previous button to go back.
If you're ready with this queue, use the Finish button to save your changes.


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