LD Admin - Porting numbers to LeadDesk

Porting a number to LeadDesk allow you to use that number for both outbound and inbound functionality.
If you're looking to port numbers over to us please follow this article's descriptions.

We'll need to transfer your number to one of our partner providers.
To do so, we'll need to know whom the number is registered under at the moment.
Kindly send us a ticket at support@leaddesk.com

Include details relevant to where the number is subscribed to:
- Company name
- First name 
- Last name
- Address of above mentioned person or company

- The last invoice from your current provider for these phone number(s).

- Desired porting date (please note that we'll request this date; this will be done based on availability).

Support will be in contact with you once the porting is initiated.
- You will be presented with a LOA (letter of authorization) that will need to be signed for approval.
- After this is done, we can communicate and agree on the porting date.

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