LD Admin - BMNR (Dutch blacklist)

BMNR (" Bel me niet register ") service is a mandatory Dutch blacklist service.
This article provides information on the integration.
If you're looking for background information on the BMNR itself, please review their website here.

As our customer, LeadDesk can provide you with a BMNR phone number to which you can forward your customer after any phone call. The customer is guided through an IVR menu externally where they indicate their wishes (not) to be contacted any longer.

In LeadDesk, you will receive feedback from the external partner via reporting, where you can review the choices the customer made during the IVR.


Setting up a call ending reason for BMNR

Using the reason, you need to consider your workflow.
Question: Do you want to instantly remove the contactcard when your agent is done with the phone call, or do you forward all calls to the BMNR and get get your blacklist data from the reporting?

There are two set-ups possible here.

1) Only forward specific calls to the BMNR (example: customer says "don't call me again").
In that case you could use the call ending reason set-up as such:

First you'll want to set-up a call ending reason.
Global reason: Admin > General Settings > Global call ending reasons.
Campaign specific reason: Admin > Campaigns > select campaign > Call ending reasons.
Feel free to either create a new reason or apply this as a change to an existing call ending reason.

- You'll want to remove the contact card itself, so use the "removes contact from contact list" option (1).
- You'll want to add the number to your blacklist, so that when you're uploading a new list, you can take out the number beforehand, assuring that the contact is not called in future projects either (2).
Tip: You can and should consider using different blacklists, as the contact might not want to be called for product A, but possibly could be called for service B.
- To forward the call to the BMNR, add the BMNR phone number to the transfer field (3).
Note: If you don't already have one, the BMNR phone number can be ordered here.


2) Forward all calls to the BMNR.
When you forward all calls to the BMNR, it probably doesn't make sense to add all numbers to the blacklist at the same time. Rather, you could do this based on what the customer indicates during the BMNR's IVR interaction.
You then have two choices:

- Add the phone number to all the call ending reasons (see screenshot above, step (3)).
Advantage: less clicks.
Disadvantage: requires the agent to close the contact card to transfer.
Usefull when: agents need to process volume and are not required to fill out lots of data.

- Add the phone number to your phonebook, and forward the customer from the phonebook.
Advantage: allows the agent to forward the customer first and then still have the chance to add information to the contact card.
Disadvantage: more clicks.
Usefull when: agents need to process data in the contact cards after phone calls are done.

Adding the number to the phonebook is as easy as going to the Admin > General settings > Phone book.
Click "New" to add the number. Give it an easy name so your agents can easily identify the number.

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