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Contact lists are a vital part of LeadDesk. Without them, your agents won't be able to call. This page aims to give an explanation to the various features you have at your disposal when uploading a contact list to LeadDesk.





Via the admin panel > Contact Lists (1) you'll see an overview of existing contact lists in the system. Here's a brief explanation on what information the different columns hold:

  1. New - This column will show a star if there are new contact lists since you last visited this page
  2. List name - Name of the contact list
  3. Legend - If filled in when uploaded, legend will show here
  4. Total contacts - Total amount of contacts in the contact list
  5. Contacts left - Amount of contacts that have not been removed from the list
  6. Calls made - Total amount of calls made to contacts on this contact list
  7. Whole rounds left - Shows the amount of times you can call any single contact left in the list
  8. Connected to campaign - If the contact list is attached to a campaign the name of the campaign will be shown here
  9. Office - If an office was specified, the name of the office will be shown here
  10. Time created - Timestamp when the contact list was added to LeadDesk
  11. Expiry date - If an expiry date was entered when uploading the contact list, it will show here
  12. Set the number of calling rounds - Allows you to set how many rounds you want the contacts to have. NOTE! This amount will be set for ALL contacts in the contact list
  13. Shuffle calling order - Pressing this will randomize the priorities that were assigned to each contact when uploading the contact list, see Contact List Logic
  14. SMS - Clicking this allows you to send a SMS message to all contacts on that contact list
  15. Split contact list - This allows you to split a contact list into two or more parts, either based on contact amount or by contact detail, for example, zip code
  16. Export to CSV - Will do an export of the list and download it to your computer as a .csv file
  17. Export to Excel - Will do an export of the list and download it to your computer as a .xls file
  18. TEL - Pressing this removes numbers with telemarketing ban from the contact list
  19. Update - Updates contact list numbers
  20. Delete - Pressing this deletes the contact list from the system. If you have deleted a contact list by mistake, you can contact support to have it restored.
  21. Update - Newer version of the contact list number update tool (see 20.)
  22. Sort contact list - This allows you to sort the contact list in your preferred order, by either column or by a keyword you specify.
  23. Show contact list contents - Shows you some basic contact information of each contact in the list, like phone number, name, company etc. and whether this contact is deleted or not. From this view, you can also Remove or Return a contact to the contact list. NOTE! This will not allow you to view every single field. If you want to view what the contact looks like in the agent view, you need to search for the contact instead
  24. Download list template - Clicking this will download our default contact list template, which has all headers ready for you. If you use this when creating new contact lists, you won't have to specify which column should be put in which field in the contact card
  25. Create - Clicking this allows you to add a new contact list to LeadDesk



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Uploading a contact list

To upload a new contact list, go to the admin > Contact Lists (1) > then press the Create-button (26). This will open the Create new contact list -page.

Contact list details

  1. Create contact list or Add to contact list - You get to choose if you want to create a new, individual list or add the contacts to an existing list
  2. Name of the contact list - If you're creating a list, you need to give it a name. (If you add it to an existing one, you can skip this step). This field is mandatory
  3. Legend - A description of the contact list. Optional
  4. Office - If you have created offices, you can choose to attach the contact list to any of them from here
  5. Sponsor - If you have created sponsor, you can choose if from here
  6. Contact list group - You can create groups of contact lists, to easily attach a large number of lists to a campaign
  7. Default call attempts - Default value is 3, but you can specify how many rounds you want to be able to call your customers
  8. Expiry date - Allows you to set an expiry date for your contact list
  9. Calling time - Allows you to set a specific timeframe when your agents will be able to call contacts. If you're using this, make sure to check that the right time zone is used as well
  10. Import calling list file - Click the button to choose a file from your computer to upload. LeadDesk supports the following file formats: .csv, .xls, .xlsx, but sometimes you may run into an issue, see Common issues below for more information on how to solve those.



Optional settingsFiltering

  1. Disable automatic phone number formatting - If Filters out non-numerical characters
  2. Disable automatic contact name formatting - If unchecked, each word in first name, last name and street name will start with a capital letter and the rest will be in lower case. For example: 'van der Saar' would become 'Van Der Saar'.
  3. Keep list order (in the list to be uploaded) - Checking this will bypass the random priority assignment (see Contact List Logic)
  4. Create new campaign for the new list - If this is checked, a new campaign with the same name as the contact list will be created and the contact list will be automatically assigned to that campaign.
  5. Remove duplicate numbers - If the same number is present multiple times in the contact list, only the first one will be added if this is checked. Checked by default
  6. Remove numbers found from black list. Select global or sponsor specific blacklist  - If you use the blacklist tool, you can automatically remove blacklisted numbers from the contact list when uploading it. You can use CTRL-key to select multiple blacklists.
  7. Add also contacts without phone number - Some lists might contain contacts without contact information. If you still want to add these, check this box.
  8. Filter out contacts that are already on selected calling lists - Allows you to compare the list you're about to upload to already existing contact lists, to remove contacts that are already in the system. You get to choose what contact information is used for the comparison (phone number or VAT number).


NOTE! B2B options will only be available if you have the B2B feature enabled.

  1. 1. grouping priority - Choose which field will be first priority when grouping contacts
  2. 2. grouping priority - Choose which field will be second priority when grouping contacts
  3. Company's comments are global - Makes any comments you write for companies global, so that when you open another contact from the same company, the comment you wrote will be visible there, too
  4. Create - Pressing this will take you to the next phase of the contact list creation, which is either uploading the contact list (if LeadDesk could match all fields to contact card field names) or a view where you need to drag and drop contact information from the right side to the corresponding contact card field on the left side. If you use our template, this will be automatic
  5. Cancel - Pressing this will take you back to the previous page without saving any changes



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Common issues

Sometimes, when trying to upload a new contact list, you'll run into an error page that says "Oooops! Something went wrong :( 500"
If that happens, most likely you have formulas or Excel formatting in use in your data (Excel file).
To circumvent this, open the file in excel, and choose Save as -> and select .csv as file format. The CSV format will strip all formulas and formatting and usually this is enough for LeadDesk to accept the file.

Avoid using ";" in your file. This is commonly considered as a new column and can cause data to shift. 

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