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On the Admin > Overview (1) > Agents (2) you will see an overview of all of your agent's activities from today. At the end of the day, these activities will be reset. You will not see agents on this tab that have not been logged into the software.

  1. Name - The name of your agent (see Admin > Agents > Agent card).
  2. Status - The agent's current status (see Admin > General Settings > Activity Management).
  3. Log time - This shows the log-in or log-out time, depending on the agent's current status.
  4. Total time - This is the total amount of time the agent has been logged into LeadDesk.
  5. Campaign - The current campaign the agent is working on.
  6. Agent group - If an agent belongs to an Agent group, it will show it here.
  7. Calls - The amount of Calls the agent has done today.
  8. Answered calls - The amount of calls the agent has answered today (inbound / robot).
  9. Talking time - The cumulative amount of time the agent has been speaking to customer.
  10. Finals - How many contact cards the agent has finalized. Finalized meaning an action that prevents that contact card from being used again.
  11. Deals - Amount of Deals the agent has made today. This is only valid for call ending reason "deal".
  12. Points - If points have been assigned to either Call ending reasons or Products, the agent's scored points will be showed here.
  13. Deals per hour - Average amount of deals per hour scored by the agent.
  14. Success rate - Percentile of deals compared to finalized calls today.
  15. Message icon - Allows you to send a personal message to your agent. This message will pop-up in the agent's interface. The agent will have to click this message away to remove it.

Above the data table, you can select filters to organize your overview better.
Filtering can be done based on Office, Workshift or Grouping


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