LD Admin - Buying phone numbers

From LeadDesk's LeadApps - "Phone numbers", you can directly browse through available phone numbers and add them to your environment.

From the Admin, go to the right top corner, click on the drop down arrow and choose "Leadpp Store".


There, click on the following icon:

Buying a number via LeadDesk allows you to use a number of your choice for outbound, inbound or SMS functionality. Outside of outbound calling, a number needs to be governed by LeadDesk to apply additional functionality such as inbound. It allows us to route numbers to wherever is required.

- Inside the menu, insert the starting part of the number that you're looking for in international format (1).
A maximum of 7 characters is allowed for your search.
- Select the country of origin for the number (2).
- Hit the Search button.
- On the right side, you can now select a number by clicking the radio button in front of the row (3).
- "Inbound voice" indicates if the number is inbound capable (4).
- "SMS" indicates if the number has SMS capability (5).
- Click the "Purchase selected" to finish your purchase.
- Verify by inserting your administrative credentials. Please note that only admins can purchase numbers.

- You can sort the numbers presented based on Voice or SMS capability by double clicking the column name.
- Certain countries require your company's address to be linked to the number for legal reasons. If prompted, please provide the data accordingly. Local authorities will check this data before the number can be assigned.


Add your own outbound number:
If you already own a number, you might want to use this via LeadDesk.
An user case would be that you'd want to use the number of your sponsor, so that when the customer calls back, or looks up the number, they'd see whom the number belongs to.
- Add your number on this page. A phone call will be made to this number for verification.
- Dial the code you see in the admin page during the phone call.
- On the admin, you'll see a green check mark when the number has been added.
Should you not see the green check mark, either try again or call Support for assistance.

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