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On Admin > Reports (1) > Favourite reports (2) you will have a page from where you can quickly access your most used reports. With the push of a single button, you will pull the report and open it in the same tab with the same specifications every time. You can also schedule an automatic sending of the report.

To be able to do this, however, the reports needs to be added to the favourite reports. Otherwise this page will be blank.

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Adding favourite report

To add a report to your favourites, you need to go to Admin > Reports (1) > Reports (2). Then follow the following steps to add your report to your favourites:

  1. Select your desired Report type
  2. Check the Literal date checkbox (favourite reports don't support non-literal dates), then choose the time period from the dropdown (ranges from 'Today' to 'Previous year')
  3. Choose whatever other filters you may want to apply
  4. Give the report a Report name (optional). If not given, it will have the same name as the original report.
  5. Click the Save to favourites -button.
  6. Congratulations! You have just created your first own favourite report!


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Pulling the favourite report

After you've added a report to your favourite reports, you can go to Admin > Reports (1)> Favourite reports (2). Here, you will see a button with the name of the report. Clicking the button (3) will result in the report being loaded with whatever filters you've specified for it when adding it.

Once you've pulled the report, you have the option to export it by clicking the Export-button (4), either in Excel format or CSV.


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Scheduling automatic sending of reports

One neat function when it comes to automatic reports is the feature which allows you to automatically send it out via email. You can flexibly choose how often the report will be sent, ranging from a daily report to a monthly one. Note! This feature is not on by default. If you're interested in it, ask your key account manager about it.

To schedule the automatic sending, you need to first have added a favourite report. Then, you go to Admin > Reports (1) > Favourite reports (2). Click on the button (3) with the name of the report. Then click on the Schedule automatic report sending -button (4). This will open a new window with information on schedule:

  1. Status - Shows whether there already is a schedule or not for this report. Possible values: Active and Not active
  2. Repeats - How often the report should be sent. Possible values: Daily, weekly or monthly.
  3. Repeat every - In conjunction with the Repeats value, this decides how often report will be sent.
  4. Starts on - date when the report sending should start
  5. Recipients - Who will receive the report. Add new recipients by typing in the text box. When ready, you'll be prompted to Add {email}. Clicking the button will add it to the list of recipients. To remove a recipient from the list, press the small x-button next to the email address.
  6. When you're finished, click the Save-button.
  7. If you wish to Edit an existing schedule, follow steps 1-9.
  8. If you wish to Delete an existing schedule, follow steps 1-3, then click the Remove-button.



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Deleting favourite report

If you need to delete your favourite report, you have to first pull the report from the system, so go to Admin> Reports (1) > Favourite reports (2), then click on the button with the name of the report you wish to delete. After that, click the Delete-button (4). You will be prompted whether you're sure about wanting to delete the report.


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