LD Admin - Activity log

On the Admin > Overview (1) > Activity Log (2) you will see an overview of agents that have logged in during the day. If you wish, you can inspect the activities of agents one at a time. This view also allows you to create new activities in the activity logs.

  1. Agent - Name of the agent
  2. Last activity - Shows the last known activity of the agent
  3. First activity starting time - Start time of the first activity
  4. Last activity ending time - Timestamp of the ending time of the last known activity of the agent. If the agent is still logged in, this will show (working)
  5. Total duration - Sum of the duration of all activities


Viewing an individual agents' activities

If you wish to inspect a certain agents doing in greater detail, you can do that by either clicking the name of the agent or choosing the agent in question from the dropdown, then pressing the Show agent details-button.

  1. Here, you can change the date of the inspection without changing which agent you're viewing
  2. Name of the agent
  3. Activity - Name of the activity
  4. Start at - Starting time for the activity
  5. End at - Ending time for the activity
  6. Hours - Total duration of the activity
  7. Allows you to delete the activity
  8. Click here to create a new activity



Creating a new activity

If you need to add a new activity for an agent, you need to first go to the activity page for that agent, then press the Create New Activity-button. This will open a window where you can specify which agent status you want to add, and what timeframe (start and end time). The activity dropdown will have all activities available that you have in your system, see Activity Management.


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