LD Admin - Calls

Under Admin > Overview (1) > Calls (2) you can see an overview of all calls made during the day. You have various filtering options available, like campaign, agent group, call result and so on. This page also allows you to specify a time interval, so you can look at calls from multiple days at once.

  1. Date and time - Timestamp for when call was created
  2. Number - Phone number that was called
  3. Agent - Name of the agent who made the call
  4. Customer name - Name of the customer, if filled in on the contact card, otherwise shows '(unnamed)'. Clicking on the name will open the contact card, which allows you to edit the information on the contact card.
  5. Company - Name of the company, if filled in, otherwise empty
  6. Campaign - Name of the campaign the call was made under
  7. Call duration - Duration of the call
  8. Comment - If agent has written a comment for the call, it will show here. Clicking on it will open a window where you can update the comment.
  9. Status - Status of the call, usually 'Answered' or 'No answer', but can also be 'Invalid number'
  10. Result - Displays call ending reason if the call was answered. Clicking on the ending reason will open up a window where you can switch the reason out for another. It will list all global call ending reasons and reasons that are available under the campaign under which the call was made.
  11. Record - Displays a link to the call recording. Clicking it will allow you to either listen to it or download the recording in mp3 format.
  12. Create order - Pressing the button opens up the contact card and allows you to create an order.


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