LD Admin - E-mail queue

Similar to being able to receive phone calls in LeadDesk, you can also use the system to receive e-mails.
The functionality works in the same way as any regular incoming phone call: the agent would remain on the "inbound" tab in the agent view to receive and send e-mails. 

From the Admin > Inbound (1) > Channels (2), you'll find your e-mail queue, the same way as a regular inbound line. When editing it, you'll find the menu below.

General Settings (3):

  • Source: the e-mail address to which the channel is bound. This has been set from a database level and can only by changed by LeadDesk Support.
  • Name: the name of the e-mail queue, as visible in the Admin > Inbound (1) > Channels (2) overview.
  • Sender address for outbound messages: this will be the address that the receiving party sees as the sender of the message. You can freely set this address, but please note that the e-mail address needs to be registered under the domain that you use. Your e-mails will be marked as spam without doing so. If the domain is your own or your customers, please amend your SPF record.
  • Campaign: Similar to your phone inbound queues, your e-mail queue needs to be attached to a campaign to be able to build up contact history.
  • Sponsor: Add a sponsor to the queue to allow a sponsor to review data.
  • Outbound email SMTP server: if you want to use your own SMTP server in combination with LeadDesk's queue, please send your SMTP server details to support and explain your ideal end situation. After support has added the information, your server will be available via this dropdown.

Queue's skill (4):
You can limit access to the queue or prioritize who gets emails first by using skills.

From the Admin > Inbound (1) > Message Inbox (2) you can review all e-mails.

  • Direction: choose whether you want to see to all outgoing emails, incoming emails, or both.
  • Campaign/Agent: filter on a campaign or agent.
  • Time interval: set a time interval for your search.

Message inbox (4)

  • Icon bars: Star-icon indicates a new e-mail (not handled yet), paperclip-icon indicates an attachment being present.
  • Date and time: when an e-mail was send or received.
  • Direction: whether the e-mail was received by LeadDesk or sent to the customer.
  • Source: which e-mail address was used to send the e-mail with.
  • Campaign / agent / client: the campaign and agent involved with the e-mail that was send/received from a certain client.
  • Title: the e-mail header (title).
  • Comment: comment or note filled in by the agent (not visible to the client).
  • Result: similar to a regular phone call, the agent can use a call ending reason to close of an e-mail (processing the contact in the system).

Envelop (5)
From here you can open up the e-mail and review its contents. See next section for more details.


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