LD Admin - Campaigns Settings

From the Admin > Campaigns (1) > Settings (2) you can set default values for your campaigns.

From the Callbacks section:

  • Default campaign for callback, when deleting a campaign: to not lose your callbacks, you can set one of your campaigns to receive all callbacks.
  • Callback restrictions: these restrictions apply to all campaigns, where you can set time limitations on when callbacks can be made, and whether agents can only make private or public callbacks.

From the Outbound numbers section:

  • You can set which outbound number should be used by default when your agents start calling.
    Please note that selecting an outbound number from the campaign's optional settings or agent card will override this number.

From the After call dialog section:

  • You can set an URL (website) to be opened after an agent closes a call.
    The URL variables can be used to add dynamic values to the link, allowing customization of the link. 
    This can be used to allow your agent to fill out a form to perform a quality check.

From the External URL views on Agent's call tab section:

  • Here you can set an URL (website) to be opened on the agent's call tab.
    This can be used to show your existing website with information about a product/service or fill out an order on your sponsor's website.

From the Record mode section:

  • Default record mode for campaigns: here you can set which part of the agent's call should be recorded. You can choose to record only your agent, or both your agent and the customer, or only the agent during the call and both agent and customer during the voice receipt.

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