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To create or manage accounts for Admins, Managers, Teamleaders or Agents, you can go to the Admin > Agents (1) Agent list (2) section.

The difference between the different accounts:

  • Admin: has full access rights on the Admin page, but cannot make calls.
  • Manager: a default manager account has full access rights, but an admin can put limitations on what the manager can see on the Admin page (per sub tab). A manager cannot make phone calls.
  • Teamleader: a default teamleader account has full access rights, but an admin can put limitations on what the teamleader can see on the Admin page (per sub tab) and per office. A teamleader cannot make phone calls.
  • Agent: can make phone calls from the Agent view. Has no access to the Admin page.

Tip: if you have an existing account that you're happy with, you can copy an account by clicking the copy icon (two pieces of paper) on the right side of the existing account.

When creating a new account, the basic interface is always the same.
The difference for admins, managers, teamleaders and agents comes from the User permissions (4) which we'll dive into below this section.
From the Agent account information (1), you can set:

  • Level for the account: admin, manager, teamleader or agent.
  • Username and password.
  • Inbound number: this will be filled in automatically when the agent logs in.
  • Language: this determines the interface language for the Admin/Agent view.
  • Time zone: this will the timezone in the interface for Admin/Agent view.
  • VoIP account: by default this is set to "automatic VoIP", meaning that you're using LeadDesk VoIP.
    If you've inserted SIP accounts from the General Settings > VoIP, you can select them from here.
    Should you not be able to see them from the drop-down, please contact our Support staff.
  • External identifier:
  • Default outbound number: here you can select which outbound number is shown when an agent calls out. This can be overwritten however from the Campaign Optional settings.
  • Restrict user's login ability by IP Address which is set at office settings: when checked, it will apply log in limitations as set from General Settings > Offices (click link for details).
  • Maximum ringing time in seconds for progressive call without pause (Next number in list is dialed after timeout): from automatic calling, the ringing time for a specific call will be limited to the set amount of seconds in this field. This means that the agent cannot keep on ringing a number, potentially increasing productivity.

From the Contact information (2), you can set:

  • Person's real name and contact information.
  • Please note that for sending e-mails, you'll need to set an e-mail from this field, as this will be used as a sender address.
  • Please note that if you set a voicemail, you'll need to set an e-mail from this field, as the voicemail messages will be send to this e-mail via attachment.

From the Employment information (3), you can set:

  • Office: an office can be defined from the General Settings > Offices and selected from here.
    Offices don't necessarily need to refer to physical locations; they can allow you to split your colleagues into teams as well.
  • Workshift: you can define the colleagues workshift times from here.
  • Description: free input field for extra information.
  • Employement started: field to set a date for when the agent started his/her employment with your company.
  • Employement: either "active" or "inactive". Setting the account to inactive will block the person from logging in, but won't remove the person from your system.
  • Bank account number: field to fill out colleague's bank account number.
  • Social security number: field to fill out social security number.
  • Employment ended: field to set a date for when the agent ended his/her employment with your company.

User permissions (4) is a clickable section for agents, teamleaders and managers. This differs per role. Admins have all functionality. We'll cover this in the section below.
Don't forget to create/save your changes (5).

User permissions for Agent:

  • View permissions: these refer to the different tabs in the Agent view (top).
    Unchecking one of these will remove the tab from the Agent view.
  • Functional permissions: here you can determine whether the agent should be allowed to listen to call recordings.

User permissions for Teamleader/Manager:
These two account have similar options for the user permissions with the exception of the manager having access to:

  • Campaigns > Settings
  • Agents > Settings
  • Inbound settings
  • General settings > Offices, Sponsors, Global call ending reasons, Global Settings

  • View permissions: refers to all the main-/sub-tabs from the Admin panel which can be disabled by unchecking their boxes.
  • Functional permissions: allows you to limit basic functionality though it still allows the account user to visit the specific section.




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