LD Admin - Campaign list & campaign creation


To create a new campaign go to Admin > Campaigns > Campaign list and hit Create. Then skip down through the list of options and settings, adjusting as you go.


TIP: Remember to Save your campaign settings. Hit the "save" button at the foot of the campaign editor.


Campaign information

Name: Give the campaign a good name (and a description, if needed).

Office: If you have multiple "offices" this field is needed so you can handle your data, assign your agents and team leaders etc.

Sponsor: Enter a sponsor (also known as a product owner or client). This field is also mandatory if any sponsors have been previously been created.

Agent and contact list selections

Here you can select from the free agents available to start calling on this campaign. It will first list free agents and then agents who are already connected to other campaigns.

If agents are needed to call multiple campaigns, the rights need to be assign from Admin > Agents > Access rights. 

You can also attach contact lists to your campaign: You will see all available contact lists here. It will not show lists assigned to other campaigns.


Product selections

Under "product selections" you can select from the products that are visible to this campaign, either in groups or one-by-one. 

If enabled, a script for the campaign can also be selected here.


Call results

Call results are a crucial part of handling calls in LeadDesk.

Global call ending reasons: These are configured under Admin > General Settings > Global Call Ending Reasons and are available in all campaigns.

Campaign specific call ending reasons: These are only visible and selectable in this campaign, and configured here.


Creating new call results

New campaign-specific call results can have specific triggers. These open up when you create a new call result and can include; removing, moving, messaging and waiting actions. This is advanced for power users.


Creating call result groups

You can create "Groups" in which you cluster call results. This allows you to provide your agents with a clear overview when you have large amount of call results.


Calling methods/Dialer modes

This is the big one! This is where you choose what dialer modes are available for your agents on this campaign:

  1. Progressive / without pause

Automatic calling without the possibility to preview the contact card. When the agent presses start, automatic calling begins calling the contact list. After the contact card is closed or the number is unanswered after the specified amount of time, the next contact is dialed automatically.

  1. Progressive / with pause

The agent can preview the next contact and then start the call, or skip to the next contact.

  1. Manual

The agent dials in a number via the keypad to call. 

  1. Contact list dial

This displays all the contacts on the campaign's assigned contact lists and the agent can choose who to call next.

  1. B2B call view/account dial (requires B2B View LeadApp)

This shows the agent all the contacts associated with a specific company. The agent can choose which contact to call.

  1. External phone/virtual call

This allows the agent to open the contact card without actually calling the contact and e.g. to place an offline or off-call order.

Contact settings

This is where you configure how your agents view contact cards. You can set up mandatory fields, hide fields etc.


Optional settings

There are a variety of optional settings that vary, depending on the LeadDesk features that you have enabled.

There are also "Order’s optional settings". Please note that if "Call receipt mandatory" is selected then, if the call results in a deal, the agent can only close the contact card if she/he has recorded a voice receipt. 



TIP: Remember to Save your campaign settings. Hit the "save" button at the foot of the campaign editor.



If you have configured your campaign, and it has a contact list and assigned agents, then they are ready to call!


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